Thursday, 3 December 2009

Where to find my novels

I've written nearly three novels: Hell and Highwater (National Novel Writing Month 2007 winner), Hell on Earth (2008 unfinished) and All our Heroes are Busy at the Moment (2009 winner).

Cover of All our Heroes are Busy at the Moment I hope you enjoy reading these novels as much as I enjoyed writing them. I will probably finish Hell on Earth sooner or later. Please leave a comment when you've read any of them, so I will know that you were here. Finding nice comments encourages me a lot.
The version of All our Heroes are Busy at the Moment which follows is probably final. I am trying to get it published by a print-on-demand publisher. Email me if you want to buy a hard copy. As at 26 December 2009 I can't be certain that it will be published.

Contents page for All Our Heroes are Busy at the Moment:

1. The Chip Shortage
2. The Potato Expedition
3. The Bus of Mystery
4. It happened to be Monday
5. All Aboard
6. Dreams
7. The Rich Tapestry
8. A Good Man
9. Oh, Happy Day
10. Drop Off and Pick Up


The music that forms the background to some sequences is all on You Tube. You only need to search for it. If anyone recognises the language in which Ginger Rogers is singing in The Gold Digger's Song, please tell me.

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance between my characters and real people is a co-incidence, which is what's wrong with them.

Please respect my copyright. I am really pleased when people read my work, recite it in pubs, read it to their kids at bed time, write it on walls etc., but I shall be very upset if you make any money by using my work in any way and you don't share it with me.

If you want to stay in touch, read my diary. You can find it at

Ken Johnson, 2 December 2009

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